Book Sponsorship to Promote Literacy Skills and Job Readiness among Blind Children

The Association of Blind Citizens, Inc. is proud to sponsor the production of Braille books for children.

ABC strives to work with US braille publishers to provide braille books for children at affordable prices. The cost of producing braille books is extremely high and ABC utilizes funds to assist the publishers in covering the high production costs.

Imagine how you felt reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Imagine how a child feels reading Harry Potter’s adventures in braille! Remember when you flipped those pages of that Betty Crocker cookbook looking for that special recipe? The blind child who is learning how to cook can also, through a braille cookbook, learn valuable meal planning and preparation skills. Recall the joy you experienced while reading your favorite magazine as a child. The blind child experiences the same feeling of reading that magazine in braille.

Statistics show that the blind child who is braille literate substantially improves his or her opportunity for employment. Braille is one of the fundamental building blocks that will allow the blind child to develop, grow, and achieve positive outcomes in his or her life.

ABCís efforts in sponsoring and promoting the production of braille books is just one of our several projects to “create opportunity one step at a time” for all blind and visually impaired individuals. The sponsorship of braille books is another step in ABC’s continued commitment to the equality and equal opportunity of all blind citizens.

ABCís founder and President, John Oliveira, and the ABC Board of Directors believe in the importance of building literacy skills and promoting job readiness among children. ABC believes that the sponsorship of this braille project will reinforce the importance of literacy for blind children. Braille literacy will provide much enjoyment and a skill that will be essential for job readiness and future employment.