The mission of the Association of Blind Citizens (ABC) is to advance relevant causes, increase opportunities in education, employment, cultural, recreational and other life activities, as well as enhance the social and economic well-being for all people who are blind or legally blind.
The ABC supports, argues in favor of, and defends the rights of individuals who are blind or legally blind. The ABC is a membership organization of blind/legally blind persons, their friends and families, and other interested individuals who recognize the needs and issues affecting the blind community.

The ABC offers assistance by providing information and referral, advocacy, and other supports to maximize and increase options and opportunities for all blind and or legally blind persons.

The ABC offers seminars to address important issues which have an impact on persons who are blind/or legally blind. Concerns related to civil rights in employment, education, and other matters are addressed by the ABC. The ABC advocates for legislation which effects persons who are blind/legally blind, as well as assisting its members in getting the most out of agencies and organizations to provide appropriate and meaningful services to individuals in the blind community.

In addition, and in keeping with the blindness culture, the ABC provides social and recreational opportunities by organizing excursions to events which are accessible and meaningful to individuals who are blind or legally blind. Outings may include audio-described movies/plays, museums, nature hikes, and other activities. Also, the ABC organizes other get-aways to destinations for the fun and relaxation for all to enjoy.

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