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Free Assistive Technology Camp for Blind & Visually Impaired Youth October 25/27

The Association of Blind Citizens (ABC) is sponsoring a weekend camp in New Hampshire for legally blind youth between the ages of 12-16.  ABC is a not for profit, all volunteer, organization that has been providing programs and services for the blind and visually impaired community for the past 19 years.  This program is an outgrowth of our experience in operating camps for blind children.  Participants will spend the weekend experiencing hands-on technology demonstrations and group activities! Participants should bring their own iPhone and/or iPad.  If you do not own one, devices will be available on loan with apps fully loaded. The Assistive Technology trainers, Diana Petschauer and Stephen Yerardi, will engage the students with activities to teach:

  • Built-In Accessibility features to access everything from your phone or tablet (text to speech, magnification, high contrast, display accommodations, speech to text)
  • Access to Digital Books and Handouts for school
  • Support for Literacy, Math and Executive Function
  • Instant OCR and text to speech for documents on the go such as Menus, grocery items, signs, etc.
  • Money, color and product identification
  • Navigation support
  • Voice Control devices (Siri versus Alexa versus Google)
  • The latest innovative assistive technologies!

For recreation, an indoor pool and adaptive games will be available. This will be a weekend of learning and fun activities and a chance to meet new friends.  The program will take place the weekend of October 25/27, 2019.  We will pick up attendees in Boston.  If you are a teacher of the visually impaired or an orientation and mobility instructor, please inform your students’ parents or guardian about this opportunity.

If you are the parent of a blind child, please contact me at or call 781-961-1023, if your child is interested.  We will provide registration materials at that time.  This opportunity is being offered at no charge to participants.  The registration deadline is October 11, 2019.  Please register early to ensure availability.
John Oliveira, President
Association of Blind Citizens, Inc.